Twice On Tuesday is a Pop-Punk band formed in 2015 in Quebec City, Canada by vocalist and guitarist Oli Leblanc, bassist Philip Senécal-Raymond and drummer Bradley Senécal. Since it’s very beginning, the trio started to write their own songs inspired by the late 90’s/early 2000’s Pop-Punk bands such as Blink 182, Sum 41, Green Day, Simple Plan and New Found Glory. The band then started to play a few shows in the Quebec City area but they quickly realised that there was something lacking to their sound: a second guitar... 

So the trio became a quartet a few months later with the recruitment of rhythm guitarist Vince Hardy-Castéran. Vince’s arrival also marked the first important change in the band formation:  Brad moved from being the drummer to being the lead singer and Oli moved from being lead singer and guitarist to being lead guitarist and back vocalist. So with Oli able to focus more on delivering catchy lead guitar riffs, Vince on the power chords and starting to incorporate vocal melodies that the band always needed and Oli and Phil adding even more back vocals, Twice On Tuesday started to have a bigger and refined tone. But they still had a problem: Brad left the drum kit empty so they needed a drummer…

So the 4 guys had their friend William Dionne from the band Portland! Fill in for them during that period. Will was still drumming for Twice On Tuesday when the band first hit the studio in February 2016 to record their first EP Bite-Sized Bullshit. The EP was released 3 months later, on may 10th. They then played a few shows in Quebec and Ontario during the summer to promote it, but that summer ended with the departure of Philip Senecal-Raymond due to personal reasons.

But the loss of their bassist didn’t bring the band down for too long: Lead vocalist Bradley Senécal immediately began to deliver his vocals holding a bass in his hands to fill the spot left empty by his brother and the quartet became a trio again, but not for long ; they recruited Antoine-Olivier Nadeau-Pépin on drums less than a month later so they finally got their official drummer and the current line up that is built to last.

Twice On Tuesday then focused on new material during the fall of 2016 and winter of 2017, released a single called No Need To Hide in April 2017 and another single called Beautiful Mistake with a music video in October 2017. The band then hit the studio again in January 2018 to record their second EP Lost At Home, which they released on June 15th of the same year. The guys then had a busy schedule during the summer of 2018 With the release of their second EP, a tour across Ontario and Quebec including a spot on the legendary Festival d’Été de Québec and a video shoot for their song "Monday Morning", which will be released in October 2018.

Past Members :

Current Members :

Philip Sénecal-Raymond  :  Bass/Vocals
Antoine-Olivier Nadeau-Pépin :  Drums

Bradley Senécal  :  Lead Vocals/Bass
Olivier Leblanc  Lead Guitar/Vocals
Vince Hardy-Castéran  Rythm Guitar/Vocals
Gabriel Leroux :  Drums